About Us

Canada Lotto founded in 1990 which the headquarter located in Toronto by the goverment of Canada at that time with the purpose to give all canadian a Legal, fair and Social benificial Lottery system

Since the first year after being founded Canada Lotto take parts and supports almost all social programs by Canada goverment and other non-beneficial organization

Nearly 90% of Canada Lotto net profit are used for social purpose

Our monthly social programs, such as :

a. University Scholarship for Low Income family

b. Medical operation supports & free medical checkup plans for Low Income elderly

c. Shelters center for Homeless citizens include free meals also plans to help finding job vacancy

d. Monthly supports for orphanage, elderly home

e. Donations for after disaster re-build programs

Support Canada Lotto as much as you can do, all your support means a lot for us to run our social programs continously