How To Play Canada Lotto

Where to buy Canada Lotto Ticket ?

a. you can purchase Canada Lotto ticket at any Canada Lotto Outlet near your neighborhood

b. Canada Lotto have more than 1.200 Outlet all over the Country

c. Canada Lotto only sales to Canada citizens and permanent Residents those are 18 years old and above

d. Please purchase Canada Lotto tickets only at our official outlets to avoid purchased fraud lotto tickets

How to claim Canada Lotto prize ?

a. All winners can claim the Canada Lotto prize at any our outlets

b. To claim the Prize, the tickets must be in good condition and also only can be claimed by the same person registered when purchasing the ticket

c. Bring your identity card or other document to prove your are Canada citizens or Permanent Residents for claiming procedure

d. The claiming form is available at our outlets with the operating time from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. everyday

e. The deadline for claiming Canada Lotto prize is 60 days since the result date, all claiming after the deadline will be rejected